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    Build began in 1998, we are committed to the research, development , production, sales and vehicle testing equipment services. We have over 6000 square meters and more than 100 sets of modern equipment and production facilities , test system development standard plant . We work with the development, installation , maintenance , testing and manufacture of automotive testing software and hardware ( more than 60 % of the R & D team members have undergraduate, graduate and higher education ) experience a decade a powerful and highly profiled technical team. Based on technology and human-oriented , we continue to absorb the international advanced technology and innovation to meet the new products customers' changing needs. We have earned the trust of users on the quality and cost-effectiveness of our products and services. Our products sell well in more than 20 provinces and cities , but also exported to over 20 countries and regions, including Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and Africa. Hongfeng set up a local service network covering the whole of China from south to north, from east to west . We are always ready to provide customers with a full range of services , automotive test users in China .
    1998 : State-owned electromechanical three plants were disbanded , Hongfeng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded and incorporated all of its technical staff.
    1999 : Series of motor vehicles and motorcycles measurement certification by the Guangdong Province .
    2002 : Relocation from one thousand square meters to 3,000 square meters workshop workshop for the needs of enterprise development .
    2002 : Establishment of a representative office in Changshu, Jiangsu , Shanghai , Zhejiang and Hangzhou .
    2003 : establishment of a representative office in Chongqing
    2004 : Domestic sales of 500 units ; and international sales of 60 units.
    2005 : the successful development and marketing of ATV testing line 20 sets in this year
    2006 : motorcycle test line testing by measuring Sichuan and put into test stations.
    2007 : Full range test line through the acceptance of Shanghai Testing Center and put into use .
    2007 : China Quality AAA credit , awarded by the China Quality Credit Evaluation Center .
    2007 : Relocation to the business development needs of its own 6000 square meters of garden plants .
    2009 : establishment of a representative office in Henan .
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